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The Bach Flower Remedy for a Cluttered Mind

Thoughts as messy as your desk?  Repetitive noise inside your head like a hamster on a wheel?

Most of us experience a time in our life when we have worrying or persistent thoughts that we are unable to shake.  School exams, board exams, relationship issues and concern over loved ones.  This noisy repetitive mind with no resolve often leaves us with feelings of despondency.  It often impedes our ability to concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand.  Wakefulness at night with a head full of unanswered worrying questions may also lead to disturbed sleep patterns and finally insomnia.  These symptoms eventually leave you feeling exhausted and depressed.

The presence of these unpleasant thoughts seems to clutter our minds and drives out the peace we require to function optimally on a day-to-day basis.

Bach Flower Remedies, in particular White Chestnut can be used to help de-clutter the mind and restore a sense of peace. It assists with the release of persistent thoughts and mental arguments, restoring a peace of mind that is free from outside influence. It help to clear ones head, so that your thinking is under control and ordered.  Persistent worry is replaced by trust in a positive outcome.

The White Chestnut remedy is safe for anyone to use.  Just follow the instructions on the bottle or contact us on: bach@vhf.co.za

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